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Did you know that:

  • The Bible is God’s love letter to us…
  • The word Liturgy comes from the Latin words

        LEITON + ERGON   [Laity + work]

           = work of the people of God

  • According to St. John Bosco [Founder of the Salesian Congregation]

“God’s greatest gift to a family is to have a Son-Priest.”

  • Characteristics of a Mature Faith:

    • Personal
    • Reasonable
    • Committed
    • Living and Dynamic
    • Sharing with others [apostolic or missionary]

  • The gospel stories passed through three stages of gospel tradition [= ‘handing on’ process]:
    • [1] In the life of Jesus
    • [2] In the life of the Church
    • [3] In the life of the Gospel

  • Jesus’ Coming:
    • In History [Luke 1 & 2]
    • In Mystery [Mat 25:34-46; Rev 3:20]
    • In Majesty [Mat 26:64]

  • In the Course of Jesus’ Ministry, He did the following (see Matthew 4:23; 9:35):
    • Preaching – to call non-believers to faith [Kerygma]
    • Teaching – to deepen the faith of those who already believed [Didache]
    • Healing – to prove His power over evil
  • Do you know that TO KNOW  in the biblical sense is not a result or end–product of an intellectual process but rather a result of an experience, personal contact? (When knowledge matures, it is love.)
  • Abraham Our Father in the Faith (see Rom 4:16)
  • John the Baptist – Last prophet of the Old Testament
  • St. Mark –the first to write a ‘gospel’

Bible -from Greek Biblos which means 'book' .. THE BOOK

Original languages of the Bible:

  • Hebrew
  • Aramaic
  • Greek

The Bible should read in four context :

  • Literary
  • Historical
  • Social
  • Cultural

If challenged to write the whole story of the Bible behind a stamp, what would you write?

  • God has a plan for us
  • Man destroyed that plan through sin
  • God promised salvation
  • The Bible tells the story of how God fulfilled His promise


… Do you know how many books there are in The Bible?

Answer to Trivia:
72 + 1

...The shortest Psalm

Answer to Trivia:
Ps 117

… The longest Psalm

Answer to Trivia:
Ps 119

… Center Verse

Answer to Trivia:
Ps 118.8 "It is better to take refuge in the Lord after Ps 119

There are 594 Chapters before Ps 118.8 and there are exactly 594 Chapters after Ps 119. When added, 594 + 594 = 118.8. Is this a coincidence or act of the Holy Spirit?






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